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Clients Reviews

Fantastic customer service and helped me with all my needs.

Corbin Baker

I have been really impressed with this guy both times I have had to bring my computer in (different problems each time). He fixed my computer at a much lower price than if I had taken it almost anywhere else. Plus, both he and his wife have been so nice. I really appreciate them and am glad that they started this business. If you need any computer repairs, I recommend them! I haven’t needed any graphics or web design stuff, but I am willing to bet that he would do a great job!

Alison Morgan

I have come here with computer problems multiple times. Today I showed up at 12:05 (lunchtime) 🙁 however, I was still given excellent service, and although I offered to leave my laptop until after lunch, Alex insisted, let me check it real quick. I’m writing this review from his parking lot because he went the extra mile for me and I’m doing the same for him. If you need a computer repaired, just bring it here.

David Remsburger

Very fair price and great customer service. Alex is great! Thanks again!

Danielle Faria

Alex diagnosed my laptop for free and got the part ahead of schedule for a very fair price and cleaned my computer at no extra charge. Highly recommend his services.

Gary Furnas

Awesome place to take your computers..reasonable rates and have your equipment fixed within 24 hours. I was very pleased.

Muziq King

Very nice folks. A very professional business . The are fair and reasonable and very Informative.

Sarah Campbell Taylor

I had so much trouble with my computer just shutting down, and always at the worst possible time, but it would never do it when I took it to be repaired. I wanted to just trash the computer and purchase another one, but Alex said he did not want to sell me another computer because that one was a ‘good computer’. Finally, one day I took it to the shop and as we were talking the computer just shut down, and even then Alex did not want to sell me another computer, he wanted to find out what the problem was and fix it. I explained to Alex that I had to have a computer and I need one that was not going to shut down on me. So to ensure that I would have a computer that could handle the projects that I was doing he said he would build one specifically for my needs. Although this sounded great I was petrified of the cost, but I have to say (1) he never gave up on my old computer and was not satisfied until he was able to find the problem and fix it (for wonder price); and (2) he built me a computer that is faster than the old one was when it was brand new. I am ecstatic and I give AZ Technologies 5 STARS. Thanks Alex, I love my new computer.
Oh, and he did fix the old computer and yes it is still a ‘good computer’.

Lee Gaither Harbison

Residential Client

I have used AZ Technologies to speed up my laptop for my online classes and to repair a broken key on my keyboard. The cost of speeding up my laptop was very reasonable, and they fixed my keyboard for free. Service is fast and courteous. I have also used AZ Technologies to purchase a computer for my wife’s business, which has worked very well. There is no question as to where to go for my computer needs!

Jeff Wright

Residential Client

Excellent service, very affordable prices. My MacBook was running very slow so I took it to Alex. Within 5 minutes he upgrade the memory and now my computer runs very smooth. I own Graphics Pros so I use my computer to design heavy graphics. I love the way it runs now. Thanks AZ Technologies.

Andy Hernandez

Owner, Graphics Pros

Alex is honest and knows exactly what he’s doing. I wouldn’t take my computer to anyone else!

Nancy Daub Yearta

Residential Client

Thank you for your great job on our pastor, Pastor Anthony’s computer! It’s greatly appreciated (K.E.I)

Chelsea Nichole

Residential Client

The very best place and the most friendly people. They have my business for good !!

Sandi Conley

Residential Client

Such great customer service from Alex! He really took the time to fix my computer right and stands by his work! Will definitely use him in the future!

Christine Bates Pasour

My computer recently had an epic failure. The CPU cooler came loose which in turn burned my CPU and motherboard. It could not have happened at a worse time. I was leaving for vacation and needed vital information from my hard drive. Alex was able to retrieve all the information I needed quickly and transfer it to an external hard drive. In the process of vacationing, I ordered new components to upgrade my system. Upon arrival of the components, Alex was quick to install and have my system up and running within a few days. I would recommend AZ Technologies to anyone with any type of computer repair. Professional, Knowledgeable and quick service.

Joe Wood

I had an awesome time with Gabby and Alex at AZ Tech. Anyone needs help with a computer check them out.

Wanda Odom

If you need your computer repaired, take it to AZ Technologies, Alex is definitely an expert when it comes to computers. He has fair prices and quick service. He is very congenial and will take the time to explain everything to you. An online service messed up my computer, and Alex fixed it,…I could not be happier with his work.

Rosalita Foss Rufty-Cohee

Alex is honest and knows exactly what he’s doing. I wouldn’t take my computer to anyone else!

Nancy Daub Yearta

Quick 24 turn around on my laptop, got the job done right, and very affordable compared to other places I called.

Kirk Bailey

Did a wonderful job on my laptop and the customer service is 100%!!!!

Jalin Leatherman

Have you ever had a computer technician that knew how to fix everything? Well, I use AZ Technologies for just that reason. My company contracts AZ for Tech Support as well as installation and I am always being floored by how much this company knows and can do! They even repaired my broken iPad…a small side job for one of their technicians, but they can even do that…I love them and won’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend anyone giving them a try.

Jocelyn Milligan

Shipping POS

I would recommend AZ Technologies to anyone. I accidentally deleted my camera card which had about 10,000 pictures on it. Alex was able to recover all of my pictures. Very nice guy with great customer service and very good prices. The service was performed very promptly and in a timely manner. VERY PLEASED!!!!!!

Meg Lingerfelt

Residential Client

I have been in search for the perfect computer to fit my needs for school as well as my budget. I found that here and much more. Friendly people that offer many services. Virus & spyware removal, Pc & Mac repair and maintenance and much more. Thank you.Alex

Tiffany Mccurry Wilson

Residential Client

Desperately needed a computer with Windows 7 for work and couldn’t find one in any of the big box stores. Stumbled upon AZ and I am so happy I did. Alex was very helpful and informative and the prices are extremely reasonable for high quality laptops. I am very happy with my laptop. Thank you AZ Technologies.

Liz Wright

Residential Client

I had keys missing on my laptop. They ordered a new keyboard and had it fixed and ready for pick up in less than 24 hours. The price was very reasonable! I wish I had found them sooner!

Jan Hoyle

Residential Client

Very helpful and a great business!

Trent Davis

Residential Client

We ❤️ Alex at PowerWellness Chiropractic.

Sara Upton

ProWellness Family Chiropractic

Great place, professional, helpful and very knowable. Highly recommend.

Michelle Bowman Piscoya

Last year my work computer was acting funny and I was afraid it had a virus. I called to see if it was something that they could work on and he said yes, bring it in. I took it by lunch and by the next day late afternoon it was ready!!!! I could not have asked for better service. I have since returned with 2 more issues and he was able to fix one and the other was a self fix. I would not go anywhere else and trust them with my computers. This place and Alex is GREAT!!!

Brad-Jill Huss

Fast and friendly service! Very thorough job. Highly recommend for all your computer repairs.

Manda Harlow

As a owner of an apple product, it’s hard to find someone who can fix it when something is wrong. Alex did a wonderful job replacing my screen and also uploaded the newest version of the ios operating system. Couldn’t be happier! If you have a mac and need it repaired, skip the apple store and call him!

Zack Davis

My laptop was a complete trainwreck, and Alex did a wonderful job fixing it up for me! The ONLY reason I am withholding the fifth star is because he could have been a little better about communicating with me. We all want to know where we could improve, no matter how good we are! AZ Technologies definitely will get my repeat business, and recommendations to anyone who needs computer repair from a friendly, reliable, knowledgeable company with very reasonable rates! Thank, again, Alex! You rock!

Steve Johnson

It turns out my hard drive was fried. He had it fix in two days. He took the time to show me on my computer that everything was working. He also put some free open source programs that have helped since all my programs were lost.

Andrew Lee

My power supply went out this morning and I Heard a pop. Then I smelled something burning. Alex at AZ Technologies fixed it quickly for me and did a very good cleaning out of dust on it. Reasonably priced, friendly, and will fix in a timely manner. What more could I ask for? Try them out next time you have computer problems.

Dianne Sain

Takes time to know whats wrong and gives you honest response and very friendly. Would highly recommend it, I know I sure will be back if I ever have any technical issues.

Liam Pena

Residential Client

This is the best place around to purchase or have repairs made to a computer. Alex, the owner is a very fair and honest man. He does not sell you what you don’t need or fix what isn’t broken. The prices can’t be beaten. Please give them a try. You will not be sorry.

Timothy Thornburg

Residential Client

Fast and friendly service! Fixed my homeschool laptop so my kids would not be without a computer for days in just one day! Thanks and will be using y’all again!

David-Tina Wright

Residential Client

No computer repair needed, just a fellow tech in need of a helping hand. Alex was willing to let me borrow the equipment to get the job done! You are a life saver!

Nathan Sapoch

I bought a all in one computer with windows 7 from Alex. Alex is a honest businessman that is willing to help you. you never have to worry about being overcharged. He deserves your business.

Robert Jones

Residential Client

Can’t beat the customer service! Alex is the best at this!!!!!!

Tammy Davis Mosteller

Residential Client

Can’t beat the customer service! Alex is the best at this!!!!!!

Tammy Davis Mosteller

Residential Client

Repara Computadora es una empresa familiar local, nuestra pasión por las tecnologías de la computación y la satisfacción de ayudar a los demás nos llevaron a estar en el negocio desde el año 2000,  y ahora tenemos más de mil clientes felices residencial y comercial.

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